Best Heart Rate Monitor

By | August 10, 2014

If you want to a heart rate monitor, you will be spoilt for choices as there is a wide variety of options on the market today. Many manufacturers offer a large number with different features. Read on further if you want to invest in the best heart rate monitor.

When heart rate monitors are used during exercising, they can help people to determine if they are getting the optimal benefits from their workout sessions. This might be your number one reason for getting one. You should be able to keep your heart rate at the right intensity for at least twenty minutes when exercising. A heart rate monitor will help you to get the ideal level for a successful workout. You would minus your age from two hundred and twenty (220) to get the maximum rate.


Choosing the best heart rate monitor device will depend on several factors. These include the type of coaching or training that you require, the features you like, the sporting activity that you are doing and your budget.

The different types of monitors fall in four basic groups which can be summarized as Semi Pro and Basic-Advanced-GPS.

The basic types don’t come with fancy and complicated feature so they are very easy to use. Choosing this type will give you a straightforward monitor with functions to measure your heart rate, a chest strap and a wrist watch that information is transmitted to. The more expensive types might offer a low or high beat alert, and time display with alarm.

If you want a lot of options, then the advanced type will be the best heart rate monitor device for you. These will deliver your heart-rate and offer several different useful options. For instance, the latest monitors come with a handy little feature to help track the amount of calories that you burn.

There are also monitors with built-in Global Positioning System or GPS. These cost more than the advanced types, but they offer most of the same features with the added GPS benefits. This type will be useful if you want to know how fast and far you are going as well as give directions to your home.

The semi-pro types are even more expensive and they come with a number of extra features. They can calculate metrics such as respiratory rate, oxygen consumption. Athletes use this to quantity endurance.

These are the top-rated heart rate monitors currently on Amazon:

  1. Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitor Watch
  2. Polar H7 Smart Bluetooth Heart Rate Sensor
  3. Garmin Heart Rate Monitor
  4. Jarv Run BT 4.0 Premium Bluetooth Smart Heart Rate Monitor
  5. Acc U Rate 50 DL CMS Pulse Oximeter w/Silicon Cover, Wrist/Neck cord & Batteries

Once you have the best heart rate monitor you are guaranteed to get the best results from your exercise sessions.